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Haytech system

Wireless Hay Monitoring

Haytech system

Prevent hay fires and improve hay quality

Rising temperatures can have catastrophic effects on hay quality, but with HAYTECH you can always be sure you are selling top quality hay and reduce the likelihood of product damage.

Incendie de ferme
Sonde Haytech

| Your farm could be at risk

Thousands of hay fires are recorded every year. Fermentation can cause bale temperatures to rise to dangerous levels in less than 24 hours.


Hay fires cost farmers hundreds of thousands of Euros through lost revenues and replacement of buildings and feed. Join the cautious farmers who have already trusted monitoring to HAYTECH, the wireless solution that guards your hay 24/7.

Sonde Haytech

| A simple, proven solution

Haytech is a wireless monitoring system for your hay. The handy probes are connected to the internet, allowing you to follow the real-time temperature of your hay effortlessly.


You can check the temperature of your hay whenever you want through the free online service. You will also receive alert messages to your phone if temperatures rise to unsafe levels.

Sondes Haytech dans balles de foin
Haytech system

Reduces the risk of fire due to spontaneous combustion.

Ensures feed quality and helps optimize productivity.

How does Haytech work ?

| Haytech connected temperature probes

The hay monitoring system includes Haytech connected temperature probes. 40 cm long, robust and clearly visible, they have been designed for both square and round bales.

Base station and repeater

The HAYTECH probes communicate with a base station and a repeater. The base station transmits the temperature measurements to the Cloud from which you can check the temperatures at any time. The repeater is an extra security device to guarantee the good signal transmission between the probes to the base station.

Haytech probes and repeaters
Système Haytech
Sondes Haytech dans foin

Contact one of our experts for a free quote

One of our representatives will assess your situation and will be able to provide you with a HAYTECH quote tailored to your needs.

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