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Our strength is adaptability : A solution for every industry.

Production porcine
Production laitière
Production avicole


Damp and dusty environments | Use of electric motors | Animal safety

PrevTech prevents electrical fires and business interruptions on farms with our innovative and reliable solution. Our team of experts ensures the proper functionality and safety of your farm operation, offering exceptional levels of assistance and expertise. With our adaptable prevention program, you can trust that you're in good hands with PrevTech.

Dairy Farms

At PrevTech, we understand how important your dairy operation is for you and the potential harm that electrical faults and anomalies can inflict on both your animals and your production. That's why we offer a proactive and highly effective solution for real-time monitoring of your electrical network.

Additionally, we are familiar with the risks posed by moisture and dust in barns, and we will develop a customized approach to address the specific needs of your farm.

Silos de grains
Usine de transformation des aliments
Transformation du grain

Agrifood sector

Damp and dusty environments | Use of electric motors | Protection against production interruptions

Our solution empowers business owners and managers in the agrifood industry to proactively monitor their electrical network and swiftly detect outages and malfunctions. By leveraging our technology, they can prevent electrical fires, minimize production interruptions, and prevent substantial losses. Real-time monitoring enables companies to take immediate action, reducing downtime and elevating product quality. In an industry where food safety and quality are paramount, our solution is the key to maintaining excellence.

Ligh industrial
Travailleuse scierie
Bois de scierie

Light Industrial

Dusty environments | Frequent  machinery use | Protection against production interruptions

Discover the power of our proven prevention program, trusted by numerous light industries, including sawmills and lumber mills. Safeguarding your operations and equipment is our priority, and our team of experts are here to deliver just that. With our comprehensive solution not only monitoring your electrical network, but also driving increased productivity and profitability, you'll experience reduced downtime and maintenance costs. Unlock the potential of efficiency and protection with our industry-leading prevention program.

Specialized Industries
Serres industrielles
Travailleuse d'usine
Frigos commerciaux

Specialized Industries

Protection against production interruptions | Specialized machinery | Use of electric motors

Unlock the versatility of our electrical network monitoring solution, designed to excel in a variety of specialized applications. From supermarkets to food storage and beyond, our adaptable solution ensures safe and efficient operation across diverse industries.


Experience the advantage of real-time detection for equipment failures and malfunctions while reducing the risks of electrical fires and losses. Empower your company with our solution to maximize operational reliability and safeguard your valuable assets.

How can PrevTech help you ?

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