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PrevTech’s prevention program

A turnkey solution that easily adapts to your business set up that includes everything you need and the support you deserve. 

Simplicity | Reliability | Performance

The PREVTECH solution

Easy to install

Non-invasive and fast

  • Installed by a certified electrician

  • Fully cybersecure

Network monitoring

Continuous monitoring (24/7) of your electrical network

Fault detection

Detects electrical faults and anomalies on your network

Instant communication

Immediate communication via SMS and email to you

and your electrician

Continuous Protection

Support from our experts

  • Diagnostic process

  • Corrective Action Tracking

  • Teaming up with you to prevent fires and business interruptions

Risk reduction

Significantly reduces the risk of electrical fires and operational interruptions

Installation du système PrevTech

A true turnkey service !

We provide all the necessary equipment to monitor the electrical network of each business, making it a complete and personalized solution to prevent electrical incidents.

Surveillance background

Easy-to-understand dashboard

PrevTech panel

24/7/365 access to your operations on your mobile device or computer

Simple and visual representation of electrical faults and panel temperature

Access to your PrevTech safety index at any time

Notification of power outages

Compared to other similar solutions on the market, we don't just offer a solution that will monitor your electrical network.

Background Prevention

Beyond detection!

Pie chart

At PrevTech, we understand that relying solely on alarms for preventative maintenance is not enough. In fact, detection alone represents only 5% of the prevention process  and does not prevent fires or equipment breakdowns.


That's why our team of experts will proactively reach out to you as soon as your attention or action is required. We'll also make sure that you have the necessary tools and knowledge to identify and solve any issue safely. 

With PrevTech, you can have peace of mind knowing that we're always one step ahead in protecting your business.

your satisfaction is our motivation!

« I really appreciate PrevTech's solution, more so when a risk is detected. I recently received a text message letting me know there was something worth investigating... I strongly recommend all dairy producers and farmers to get PrevTech's solution. »

Pierre Filion | Phily Farms

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