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| The simplest and safest way to extinguish a fire

self-activating Extinguishing Balls

Distributed exclusively in Canada by PrevTech Innovation, the E-Fire® and Elide Fire® self-activating extinguishing ball is based on revolutionary technology that provides far more advanced solutions than portable extinguishers. It's easy to use and self-activating in the presence of flame. A perfect complement to the PrevTech solution!

Acheter Elide Fire

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PrevTech Innovations is the exclusive distributor of E-Fire® and Elide Fire® products in the agricultural sector in Canada. If you would like to obtain prices for specific quantities and/or develop an offer for your customers, please contact us!

A versatile fire protection system

The Elide Fire ball is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Its non-hazardous agent extinguishes many. types of fire and is triggered in 3 to 10 seconds on contact with flames. Ideal for all prevention scenarios

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Original brand, bewhare of copies!

Recommended Uses

Gas-powered straw chopper


Thresher engine compartment

Tractor engine



Electrical Room

Any other fire hazard area

Elide Fire Extingishing Ball 4"

4" fire ball

  • For smaller areas

  • Easy to install near engines or machinery

  • Total weight of 1.5 lbs / 680.4 g

  • Coverage of 19 ft2 / 1.8 m

  • 3-year warranty

E-Fire size_edited.png

6" fire ball

  • For larger areas

  • Total weight of 3 lbs / 1361 g

  • Coverage of 60 ft2 / 5.6 m2

  • 5-year warranty

All the products include mounting bracket

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