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Équipe d'experts PrevTech

THE benchmark in the industry

Recommended by insurers

A dedicated team focused on the safety of your electrical network

PrevTech Innovations

At PrevTech, we share a deep commitment to providing an innovative and effective fire prevention solution to agricultural and industrial businesses.

PrevTech’s Prevention Program

Your defense against electrical fire and business interruptions

A unique solution for monitoring your electrical network, supported by a team of experts available to assist you when a situation is detected.

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Ondes électriques
PrevTech unit

Easy installation

Network monitoring

Fault detection

Real-time notifications

24/7/365 monitoring

Risk reduction


The PrevTech Solution

Technology with a human touch

Is it important or urgent? What should I do?

Electricity is a serious and complex subject, and our team of experts is here to help you.

Expert qualifié de PrevTech
Cliente identifiant un problème grâce à Prevech

Experience unparalleled support with our highly qualified and skilled team, available to quickly identify and resolve any electrical network issues in real time you may encounter.


We work tirelessly to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

Our Results

|PrevTech in numbers

Serving multiple 


Let's optimize your preventive maintenance efforts together, with an approach tailored to your business and industry.

Famille d'agriculteurs dans leur ferme

Livestock operations

  • Dairy farms

  • Hog production

  • Poultry production

  • Any other livestock operations

Travailleur secteur agroalimentaire

Agrifood sector

  • Processing plants

  • Feed mills and grain handling facilities

  • Packaging plants (potatoes, vegetables)

  • Mushroom production

  • Maple production

Travailleur dans une scierie

Light industrial

  • Sawmills and lumber mills

  • Light Industrial / Commercial Operations

Travailleur domaine spécialisé

Specialized industries 

  • Groceries (refrigeration)

  • Greenhouses

Background Prevention

Problems detected

Real, on-farm situations where PrevTech made a difference

 Faulty farm water heater
Lightning bolt icon

Problem detected | Faulty Water heater, fire avoided

Carole from Craven Farm was notified at around 5 AM and quickly went to investigate. When she arrived at the barn, she was alarmed to see that the cows were excited and huddled on one side of the barn. Upon inspection, she discovered that the junction box in the hot water tank had caught fire. Acting quickly, she turned off the breaker and extinguished the fire, and thanks to PrevTech’s alert, she was able to prevent any further damage. 

They trust PrevTech

Satisfied customers share their feedback about the PrevTech protection program.


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